Following the Energy of Your Dreams – Trusting Your Guidance

FariswheelWhen Accelerated Light Healing was born (formerly known as RICH Healing), I was pretty comfortable. I was in a place where I felt safe following the teachings of others and their creations. And yet I knew it was divine time to create from my own divine flow and sacred knowing. It felt like I was now being guided to step fully into my powers especially  since I had attended so many workshops, been trained & certified in hundreds of different healing modalities, and channeled my own workshops and healing events. It felt like I was ready to follow my own guidance and create something that was uniquely my own.

Well…that was the magical moment when everything in infinite consciousness began to work on my behalf and  Macaya & I were once again dvinely guided in this lifetime to do the “greater work” together.We just happened to be in the same place feeling the same way and open to helping people change super fast so we created something new that never existed before on this planet…a set of easy to use energetic processes that could transform anything in quantum speed.That feeling of excitement, exhilaration, and awe still inspires us, our listeners, our students, and our clients 2 1/2 years later. The best part is that Accelerated Light Healing keep evolving and expanding on its own. It’s  taken a life of its own with it’s own identity and infinite intelligence.

This is such an interesting time we live in…the veil that separates dimensions that we’ve been told about for trillions of years is thinning and dissolving before our very eyes. Everything we’ve been thinking about or feeling is now manifesting faster than ever before. As planet earth shifts into  our new earth, we’re also shifting & ascending into crystalline beings of light. We’re changing just as fast. We’re also being upgraded as we say drop vibrational density and raise our light quotient embodying pure liquid light.We’re all shifting into higher dimensions together. This may feel scary to some and exciting to others. As they say, it’s all good…so what do you choose….to feel blissful, joyful, & peaceful….or to feel stressed, sad, and scared.

Well, fast forward….Accelerated light healing was birthed creating major transformational shifts in so many ways for so many people that it’s being requested at live events now all over the world! Most of us are tired of the old ways of being here and how they’re just not serving us or expanding our lives anymore. What we used to identify with was never truly who we ever were. What used to work for us no longer does. We’re stepping into our authenticity, vulnerability, and true identities as divine angelic hu-mans. How liberating!

My greatest JOY is to watch my clients and students find themselves again, remember their gifts, and live their soul purpose. The NYC layline is built on massive sheets of crystal grids which  create lots of intensity here. Being aware of the need for healing and rapid change, I’ve chosen to create live events right here in my home town. I’ve decided to facilitate in person gatherings, healing events, meditation circles, and Accelerated Light Healing Training Programs to teach others how they can spread consciousness in their communities as well.

If you’re in or near NYC, please join my newest meetup group at

I’m excited to share another interesting occurrences that took place at the last Accelerated Light Healing event several nights ago! As I invoked the angelics, ancestrals, and ascended master beings, everyone in our group was flying pretty high and super blissed out but it’s what happened after we left the venue that totally “blew my mind” and “scrambled my brain”. It felt like the usual drive back home to Brooklyn had morphed into an interdimensional journey where my friend and I jumped, leaped, and were shown glimpses of what it would feel like to truly be a cosmic navigator.

It started out with my friend reporting back to me that during the living light infusion and liquid light transmission, a flexible firefly pulsing with light appeared in her minds eye. This being was very large and transmitted light waves as it expanded and contracted the light within its wings. She was quite surprised and shared that she had never witnessed this being ever before in her healing travels. This being was definitely from another dimension. It felt comforting and yet energizing at the same time as it beamed rainbows of light in her field.

As we drove, she was totally disoriented and couldn’t find the streets that she had taken before thousands of times before. Everything seemed different and unfamiliar here. I helped her with directions until we found our way. We both felt elated beyond anything we both had ever felt before. She said she felt that she released so much and was definitely clearing some heavy duty stuff from alternate universes. The next interesting experience was her inability to speak, form words, or complete coherent sentences in the English language:) I should tell you that English is her native tongue and speaks no other earth languages. I told her to relax and enjoy being Space. She said she was and I forgave her for not being able to speak completely and told her this would pass by the morning.

She was so surprised at the way she was feeling all the way back home to my door as she couldn’t seem to stop giggling, laughing, and just generally feeling like a kid being silly and playful for no particular reason. It was totally contagious as we both laughed and released so much stagnant energy. And as we were pulling up to my door, she told me that even though she works with essential oils and she usually feels intoxicated, it was never to this degree. I guided her to just breathe and relax and allow the shifts that were happening to unfold without trying to figure it out or let her linear mind take over and mask the feelings of elation that were washing over her. She willingly nodded and agreed.

Just before reaching our destination, my guides reminded me to ask her what color the being that visited her was. She answered that it was red and green. As she revealed its colors, we noticed the parachute jump landmark in Coney Island was lit up with red and green hues which we never saw before. This 262 foot tall icon changes colors for each holiday, but why was it now the exact same colors as her vision? As I looked to my right, I noticed a home with red and green Christmas lights, and then the traffic lights are of course red and green as well as the stop and go lights. I was shown that the lights of Christ Mas were also the same colors as my guided gave me the message that she was given the gift of awakening and re-birth into her Christed Consciousness and that her life would really be different from now on.

The last interesting thing that happened was a Russian man walking his dog passed by who doesn’t speak English. I heard him say to “someone” that “you have money”. I turned back and saw he had no cell phone or ear buds, so wondered who that message was meant for.

This is a time of great mysteries just waiting to be known as we take the plunge into those mysteries of the unknown to greater know ourselves.

To learn more about how you can change your life, manifest your dreams, and claim your birthright of ease, joy, and bliss through the powers of grace, mercy, and forgiveness, join us on line, in person, or listen to the Accelerated Light Healing MP3s to recalibrate your system and reset your entire reality in the twinkle of an eye as if by sheer magic!

So please follow your dreams and trust your guidance to create whatever you’re guided to be, do, or have even if it seems impossible…especially if it seems impossible and watch miracles happen as all the details fall into place and you allow spirit/source/creator to work on your behalf!!!

What if we could all fall in like with each other and fall in love with ourselves completely?

If you would like to step into a deeper level of Trusting Yourself, click the link below and get my MP3 class entitled
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I love you and most importantly, I like you.

Accelerated Light Blessings, Vandana Atara Aura Co-creator of Accelerated Light Healing To learn more about Vandana, her healing sessions, and to view her upcoming in-person and tele-classes, visit her website at Receive A Complimentary Healing Activation Video At:

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