What Would it Be Like to Vibrate From Harmonic Cosmic Consciousness

AstralRealms_MultiDimensional-500x375Do you desire to expand enhance your cosmic awareness beyond the human mind to vibrate from the the infinite consciousness of divine mind?

Would you like to ascend even faster into illumined light and crystalline transparency in the blink of an eye?

“Faith, consciousness and awareness all exist beyond the thinking mind.” – Ram Dass

Expanding your own inner light, being cosmically aware all the time and tapping into your divine essence in all realms, realities and dimensions can help you navigate this reality with infinite ease, joy, peace and bliss!

Living a heart centered harmonic life can help you shift out of fear into love which can bring you one step closer to accessing your self-mastery and your your divine essence on this planet.

When you’re simply showing up as the authentic you can create miracles, receive blessings and be in the flow in each and every moment. Your entire ancestral lineage can also be set free as a direct result of you breaking toxic patterns of the past and by your willingness to step up and into your powers as a divine creator and infinite being.

If you have any “not good enough” programs or have been entrained to the vibration of lack, scarcity and limitation, these inherited programs can be altered, unlocked and released. The RICH & RACE tools for changing anything that’s no longer working or serving you, can be great start.

When you run a RICH Clearing, you can unlock any awarenesses you might have been blocked from receiving for years or possibly life times. This tool helps you access higher wisdom from your evolved brain and telepathic knowing. It’s like revealing the answers you might have missed for far too long.

The first magical formula to change anything is to first become aware of what invisible energies are negatively affecting or influencing you. Once you tune in, you can perform step 1 or the letting go process. This is the beginning of unraveling the karmic knot that constricts your energy flows. Step 1 is customizing your own clearing command.

RICH stands for Release, Integrate, Clear & Harmonize. When you desire something to change or when you’re feeling blocked and stuck, you can clear those energies & unlock what’s untrue for you by simply sending this encoded message to source and saying something like”Everything that’s holding me back and creating endless obstacles or unbearable looping systems of self-sabotage that I can’t seem to break free of or change on my own…Release it, Unlock It & RICH“!!! Once this is released you’ll somehow feel different, lighter and more expansive which allows the universe to work on your behalf.

Step 2 is to connect and receive cosmic clarity as you allow infinite consciousness to rearrange all the details so you can raise your vibration & expand your energy flows. Once your chakras, meridians and energetic pathways are flowing smoothly, you can invite in new and greater possibilities.This can happen super fast because you’re ready and willing to receive it. The fun part is creating amazing different possibilities by just being space. There are no longer barriers, walls, armor or the illusion of separation…there is only oneness.

RACE stands for Radiate, Activate, Create & Expand. When you’re vibrating from total allowance, you can truly radiate and shine your light, activate all of your power centers, wave your magic wand and create whatever you desire just by asking and stating your intention. When you receive absolute clarity on what it is that would be a contribution to the expansion of your life, you can begin. A simple creation statement can sound something like this. “Everything having my life filled with ease, bliss, space and grace is…Receive it, Be it & RACE it into being.

The last step of your 3 step transformational process is stating “Reality Reset“. The energies behind these words feels like turning the page to the last chapter of your old life and writing a new chapter or a whole new book that would be a contribution to the expansion of your new life, that would create new beginnings and set you free.

You are that powerful. You carry the seeds of the new divine golden age within your energetic grids and bodies. You may not have remembered that you carry these light code seeds within you.

To vibrate from cosmic consciousness, you must be aware of everything seen and unseen, known and unknown, visible and invisible as the veil dissolves between worlds, realms and realities.

Asking questions like what am I not willing to be aware of that if I was willing to be aware could change everything for me is always an expansive empowering beginning. The key is to get out of your own way and not try to figure out anything on your own trusting infinite consciousness and detaching from attachments to any future outcomes.

This is an exciting time we have agreed to and chosen to be here for to release and unleash the cosmic power of manifestation that’s held within these cosmic light code seed forms that we carry.

While some incarnated with the light codes embedded in their system, others are downloading these codes from the power portals of the planet or are receiving them from their light guides during meditation transmission sessions – in waking or sleep states. Some are receiving them from the light grids directly.

The light codes of cosmic consciousness are connected to the divine intelligence of the cosmic and galactic grids. They have the innate intelligence to awaken and develop at the right time in the right place. These rapid changes can feel intense. We are here to make your quantum road trip a bit easier, less stressful and a lot more fun!

Would you like to see, feel, hear and know what it’s like to be a cosmic explorer, interdimensional navigator and magical master of your own life!

Macaya and Vandana invite you to rise above all earth based limitations to expand, unfold and interweave with the earth plane and the galactic forces of light so you can embody the harmonious energies of both heaven and earth as we ascend into the higher dimensions together!

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If you are experiencing a soul calling to turn your power switch back on and plug into the infinite intelligence of cosmic oneness, then please join this joy filled journey to commune with the infinite intelligence of all dimensions, realms, planets, cosmos and galaxies .

Sign up for this cosmic joy ride of higher dimensional consciousness living here!!!

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