Receiving Change Even Faster with Total Ease!

Greetings Divine Beloved Light Being,

Macaya & Vandana are happy to announce that the tools of RICH & RACE have also been upgraded to create even more bliss, joy, peace, grace, & space in this dimension as we ascend into the higher realms together!

The Accelerated Light Healing Frequencies offer sacred light codes of cosmic consciousness to assist you to step into your highest divine potential by cleansing, purifying, and removing artificially created conditions held and stored on a cellular level and genetically wired into your DNA from ancestral trauma, stress, fear, addictions, and any other implanted distortions and misalignments. The living light moves out all toxic waste and debris that are still resonating and recreating similar scenarios of self sabotage, lack, scarcity, and limitations.

The transition phase from the old world to the new one can make us feel unsettled & uncomfortable like we’re being stretched apart in every direction possible. To ease discomfort in our emotional bodies, we can go inside & become aware of old attachments, patterns and codes that we’re still vibrating from so new updated and upgraded light codes can be uploaded into the brain and nervous system.

In order to assist us to align & flow with the acceleration of the planet, the RICH & RACE tools have been upgraded so we can accelerate the changes we’ve been asking for. The rapid tools of transformation work even faster than before each time you say RICH & RACE, it’s raising your vibration even higher as the energies have been encoded with living light.

When you ask for something to clear & create, the living light cleanses, clears, & purifies your field & system to manifest miracles & magical infinite possibilities from the space of cosmic consciousness. You’re now asking infinite consciousness & pure living light to match your higher vibration as you absorb spiritual light interdimensionally. This will allow you to tap into & embody the wisdom from all realms & realities with total ease helping you to feel more whole & integrated again.

You’re asking to vibrationally align & become aware of everything you’ve been asking for before you even begin placing your request & setting your intention. This means holding a greater awareness of the vows, oaths, & decisions you’ve made along your timeline so you can realign & repattern your entire system.

When you RICH them, you cancel & unlock all unawareness you’ve been carrying in your ancestral mental & emotional DNA so you can restore your divine original blueprint in this lifetime. And when you RACE your visions into the future, it feels even more expansive & divinely guided as you have first connected with the heart of all of creation in the form of living light. This means what you’re now in the process of manifesting stems not of your mind, your false self, your personality, or your ego but from the luminous light of all that is.

You’re playing in the quantum field of oneness & pure joy just as an infinite being would…you’re just being and living an authentic life no longer hiding from this reality but truly creating your own reality to expand your entire life, to reach new heights of true intimacy, bliss, pleasure, support, and harmonic ease from the space of a higher love….a love that’s available for us all…from the cosmic heart of all creation.

Another way using the RICH & RACE Tools has shifted & expanded is we ask the living light to cleanse, clear, purify, & free us from all energetic ties & false attachments that won’t allow us to create something better. You can bring up any unconscious patterns or programs still running your life by simply sitting in silence, dropping into your sacred heart chamber, & breathing. Ask to connect with your angels, guides, & guardians so they can help you unhook, unravel, & unlock any toxic implants, imprints, interferences, or influences that are still living & resonating in your field & system. Ask the living light to perform a clean sweep to remove them all. When you feel lighter & more expansive, you can then begin to clear & create from this higher vibrational energy which is your natural state of being.

So before you RICH (Clear) & RACE (Create) anything, first close your eyes and ask to connect with the living light. You can envision, feel, receive, and take in however this feels to you. It’s mostly white but some people have envisioned it with a golden aura. Feel it entering into your consciousness bathing you in pure light. You can imagine that you’re floating in the center of this bubble of light already having what you just asked for as you inhale a golden white liquid light penetrating through every cell, atom, & molecule of your entire being restructuring & redesigning you & you hold & embody as much light as your vessel can hold. The transformation you’ve just requested is now in the process of becoming real in this reality because you’re now vibrating from it. You can now allow this new reality to unfold & be anchored here in divine time and order.

Everywhere you’re not allowing or receiving a new way of asking to have your needs met that can propel you forward in quantum ease & gift you everything you’ve ever dreamed of….RICH

Everywhere you’re willing to be a conscious creator from the infinite consciousness of awakened living light that is already within you…RACE

Remember to always say REALITY RESET to refresh, reboot, recharge, & regenerate your entire system on a cellular level to allow your cells to upgrade from carbon to crystalline as you evolve & ascend into pure light.

“You are spirit…formless & free…whatever you think…you will be”-Richard P Goodwin

Allow these upgraded tools to shift your entire being, amplify your vibrational frequency, & align your human mind with divine mind as you drop density, become light & access your unique soul signature in the golden age of Aquarius on the new earth.

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